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Technical support

Euphoria Digital Studio provides professional support and maintenance of your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key features of supporting web project with us:

  • hourly monitoring of the availability of the project, as well as the state of the server;
  • hourly monitoring of the integrity of the project and the absence of viruses;
  • daily backup of the project files and database (individual backup scheme for each project);
  • monthly update of the project and it modules to the latest stable version available (if necessary).

Support the site with us monthly more profitable than pay at higher rates for urgency when problems arise. We eliminate the reason of the problems before they occur and rapidly resolve any issues. Most of all, our clients learn about the problems when we report on their successful solution, if you have not - you have a bad technical support!

Maintenance and relevance of the project

Under the support of the state and the relevance of the project, we mean the following activities:

  • hourly monitoring of the availability of the project and its recovery if necessary;
  • hourly monitoring and cleaning project source code, in the case of malware infection;
  • daily monitoring and notification of the client need to extend the services of domain registration/hosting;
  • daily monitoring of server limits and increase the allocated resources (disk quota, e-mail space, server load, and so on);
  • daily backup project files and database;
  • monthly update the CMS and modules of the project to the latest stable version (if available updates and updates without the need to redevelop the project or buy new licenses);
  • removal or replacement of "broken" links;
  • setup correctly display of the project in different browsers (latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari);
  • recover normal work of functional modules of the project, in case of their failure;
  • managing mail accounts on the domain (the creation of mailboxes, setting up automatic forwarding of letters, etc.);
  • restoring backups or transfer the project to another hosting;
  • correction of other errors of the project.

Content and functionality of the project

At the monthly support, you can also use the services of our content managers, designers and programmers at noticeably more favorable rates. For example, support will also be included the following activities:

  • filling the product catalog, adding news, articles, promotions, banners, creation of new pages from existing templates and so on filling of finished content from the client;
  • modify or delete existing data, after the client request;
  • slight modifications of the project theme or partial redesign of the individual blocks of the project (everything that can be done without the involvement of the designer);
  • the introduction of new functional modules of the project (the cost of buying ready-made modules thus paid by the client separately, also are not taken into account the cost and timing of the development of new modules).

Support automation

We guarantee the quality of support, thanks to the full automation of monitoring functions to support the project. Scripts are monitoring your project and inform our tech supports by e-mail and SMS immediately after the discovery of problems.

Our company is well aware that from efficiency of the tech support depends money

of our clients. Rely on us to support the site and you will definitely be satisfied!

Subscription plans

Name of package Price per month , $ Allowed reaction time Included copywriting, characters Included hours Cost of an additional hour, $
HOURLY 0 By agreement 0 0 29
Support in case of problems with the condition of having a free specialist. Tech support in order of the client appeals. Specified cost is the minimum possible, without extra charges for higher speed or work on weekends/holidays.
MINIMUM 99 12 hours 1 000 4 24
Support of one web project and writing of one news in the month.
LITE 199 12 hours 3 000 8 20
Same as a MINIMUM, but with the possibility of support two projects, as well as writing to the two news in the month.
STANDARD 299 6 hours 6 000 16 18
Same as a LITE, but with the possibility of support three projects, as well as writing to the five news in the month.
PRO 599 4 hours 12 000 40 16
Same as a STANDART, but with the possibility of support five projects, as well as writing to the ten news in the month.

We also offer promotion of projects in the Internet.


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