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This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") governs the relations between the website on the Internet with the address (the "Website"), as well as information blocks with a hyperlink to other websites (hereinafter generally referred to as "Euphoria Digital Studio") between Euphoria Digital Studio and the user (hereinafter referred to as "User").

Subject of the Agreement

Euphoria Digital Studio offers the User its services on terms which are the subject of this Agreement. Agreement may be amended Euphoria Digital Studio without any prior notice.

The agreement is a legally binding agreement between the User and Euphoria Digital Studio and regulates the use of the Euphoria Digital Studio services by User.

User - a person using the information and services provided by Euphoria Digital Studio.

Entry into force

The agreement is considered to be in force by default since the beginning of the use of service users Euphoria Digital Studio.

Ticked "Agree" and pressing the "Submit" button, when getting a quote, the User agrees that he is familiar with the terms of the Agreement, understood and agree to the terms of Euphoria Digital Studio service.

If you disagree with this Agreement, User must stop the use of Euphoria Digital Studio services.

Getting a quote

Presented Euphoria Digital Studio prices are average, for informational purposes only and does not constitute a public offer.

Described services and their value can vary based on private agreements between the User and Euphoria Digital Studio.

The user must provide the actual data that is needed to fulfill the quote. Euphoria Digital Studio is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of data provided by the User and the consequences caused by this.

Personal data and their use

User agrees Euphoria Digital Studio for the use of their personal data when processing User quote.

The personal data that User enters in a quote, will be saved in the register of Users and used to commit the transaction or trade execution services.

Euphoria Digital Studio undertakes not to transfer personal data of registered Users to third parties. Euphoria Digital Studio reserves the right in cases prescribed by law to transfer personal data to relevant government services.

The User gives consent Euphoria Digital Studio to send invoices and other necessary information to the email specified by User.

The User agrees to use the Euphoria Digital Studio of his personal information in summary form for the purpose of market research and targeting.

Detailed information on the use of personal data published on the Websites on the page «Privacy Policy».

The Users consent to this Agreement also means full agreement with the document «Privacy Policy» of Euphoria Digital Studio.

Property rights

User acknowledges and agrees that the services Euphoria Digital Studio and all necessary programs are protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual property laws and other relevant Russian laws, the laws of other states and international law.

Euphoria Digital Studio offers the User a nonexclusive and nontransferable right to use the software provided by the services of Euphoria Digital Studio, provided that neither the User nor any other person with the assistance of the User will not copy or modify the software; create a derivative work of the software; enter into the software to obtain a program code; sell, lease, transfer to third parties of any rights with respect to software services to Users, and modify services, including for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to them.

All text information and graphics that are on the Websites are the property of Euphoria Digital Studio and/or its clients.

When using the documents and related graphics are available on the Website you must comply with the following requirements.

  1. At a reprint of materials refer to the Website as a source of publication and indicate other sources of information referred to in the material. If the materials posted on the Internet, you must made active link on the Website.
  2. The documents and related graphics located on the Website, without written permission of administration can only be used for informational, non-commercial or personal purposes.

Reprinting, reproduction in any form, or distributed, including in translation, of any materials from the Website for commercial use is possible only with written permission Euphoria Digital Studio administration.

The use of intellectual property of Euphoria Digital Studio (including the Website design elements, symbols, text, etc.) without the permission of Euphoria Digital Studio for commercial purposes is illegal and can cause for trial.

The documents and related graphics located on the Website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changing the information on the Website is done periodically.

Non-commercial use

The User agrees not to reproduce, to repeat and not to copy, sell or resell, and also not be used for any commercial purposes, any portion of services Euphoria Digital Studio, the use of services or access to them, except in cases where such permit is given to the User by Euphoria Digital Studio. Euphoria Digital Studione assumes no responsibility for any agreements between the User and third parties.

User agree not to crack the technologies as well as decompile any codes of the software products that are used in the services of Euphoria Digital Studio in order to continue to install on your computer (mobile phone, PDA or other devices).

Liability and exemption from guarantees

The User is responsible in full in accordance with this Agreement and the legislation, in case of any damage to the Euphoria Digital Studio or third parties during the use of services Euphoria Digital Studio.

Euphoria Digital Studio does not guarantee that the service capabilities of Euphoria Digital Studio will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

In the case of the presentation for Euphoria Digital Studio by third parties of any claims, demands or claims with respect to infringement of copyright on material posted by User, it undertakes to take all measures to settle the claims.

The User is solely responsible for the violation of the economic and moral rights of authors and the rights of any third party.

Euphoria Digital Studio tries to ensure uninterrupted operation of its services, but is not responsible for the lack of quality or speed of service.

Services are provided "as is". Euphoria Digital Studio does not assume any liability, including for compliance with service User goals.

Any material received by Users using the services of Euphoria Digital Studio, User uses at your own risk.

Euphoria Digital Studio services may contain links to other resources. User acknowledges and agrees that Euphoria Digital Studio takes no responsibility for the availability of these resources and for their content, or for any consequences arising from the use of the content of those resources.

Disagreements and Grievance procedure

In order to resolve disputes arising between the User and Euphoria Digital Studio from the use of Euphoria Digital Studio, use the following complaint.

The User who believes that his rights and interests have been violated by the actions of Euphoria Digital Studio, sends its claim to Euphoria Digital Studio, using the contact form.

Within 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt of the claim Euphoria Digital Studio is obliged to state its position on the fundamental issues in the latest and send response to the email address specified in the claim.

We do not consider anonymous complaints or complaints, that don't allow us to identify the User based on the data available in the claim.

In case of failure to resolve the dispute by order of claim, dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Service shutdowns

Euphoria Digital Studio has the right to carry out preventive work in the software and hardware complex of Euphoria Digital Studio with a temporary suspension of Euphoria Digital Studio services, notifying the Users about it.

In case of force majeure, as well as accidents or failures in the hardware-software complexes of third parties cooperating with the Euphoria Digital Studio, or acts of third parties aimed at suspension or termination of operation of Euphoria Digital Studio, possible suspension of Euphoria Digital Studio services without User notification.

Changes and additions to the Agreement

Agreement may be changed by Euphoria Digital Studio without any prior notice.

Changes and additions to the Agreement shall enter into force upon their publication.

The User has the right to reject any further introduction of changes to this Agreement made ​​by Euphoria Digital Studio, that means the User refuses from the Euphoria Digital Studio services.

Innovations in legislation

In the case of the adoption of regulatory legal acts of the authorities of the Russian Federation or other countries, affecting the whole or in part the operation of Euphoria Digital Studio, company reserves the right to any changes in the functioning of Euphoria Digital Studio, aimed at bringing the latter into conformity with the new provisions of the legislation.


Нажимая кнопку «Готово!», я принимаю условия Пользовательского соглашения и даю своё согласие Euphoria Studio на обработку моих персональных данных, в соответствии с ФЗ №152, на условиях и для целей, определенных Политикой конфиденциальности.


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