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Prices for the services of the Euphoria Digital Studio

What is the average price of a site? What is the cost to create a website? Where to buy the site? How to order a website? We will answer all your questions!

We are ready to work under your budget, and offer all the best options for mutually beneficial cooperation. Create, develop and maintain websites with us is very easy:

  • personal blog from $149;
  • personal site from $199;
  • corporate site from $649;
  • online store from $899;
  • promo site from $699;
  • remake and support from $9.99 per hour;
  • contextual advertising from 10% of the monthly ad budget;
  • SEO promotion from $199;
  • copywriting from $9.99 for 1000 symbols;
  • content filling from $0.99 per page.

If you still have questions - contact us.

Prices are in USA dollars. All rates shown are for information purposes only and do not constitute a public offer.


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